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Simba's Makeover

Simba had a complete makeover and feels much better after being groomed, trimmed bathed and blow-dryed

1. Simba Pre-Makeover

2. The Simba Claw Clipping

3. Removing loose hair from under carriage - With a little help from Simba

4. Belly trim

5. Stripping out back and flanks - Muzzle used as a grooming aid to cover eyes. When the cat is in this position I have more control when the eyes are covered as he is less likely to escape.

6. Reducing length of bib

7. Simba in bath - Starting to lather up - Muzzle protects eyes from soapy water

8. Feline Shower

9. Continuing to rinse

10. Towel Dry

11. Simba on back - Blow-drying belly

12. Once coat is dry talc is added to give volume

13. Continuing to powder around neck

14. Completed Makeover!