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Short Haired Cats

While my grooming services are mainly aimed at long haired cats across London, I can also provide my customers with a short haired grooming service. Making sure your short haired cat is well groomed is extremely important, even if they need less grooming overall.

Ensuring your pet grooming is of the highest quality is key to your cat’s wellbeing and health. If you don’t, your cat’s fur will become matted and unsanitary, even on short haired cats.

For short haired and long haired cats alike I have recently worked across Leyton, Islington, Hackney, Lewisham, Greenwich, Stratford, Ilford, Romford, Clapham and Kensington to carry out my experienced and friendly pet grooming service.

If you would like to learn more on how I can best treat your short hair cat, or would like to find out more about my highly professional cat grooming service, then call today on 020 855 82535, or get in touch with me by sending me a message through my contact page. Discuss your cat’s requirements with me today and I will happily talk through the very best way my mobile pet grooming service will be able to help you.

Short Haired Cats also Need Maintenance

Compared to a long haired cat, short hairs need less maintenance but as you can see during the course of the year they need a certain amount of grooming.

My short haired maintenance groom service features 3 stages:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • After Treatment

Throughout any aspect of grooming, the tolerance level of the cat varies and I am continually aware of the stress factor. Therefore, I make every effort to minimise trauma and distress.

Here is a visual example of a short haired maintenance groom.

1. Diagnosis

Unlike long haired cats, short haired ones are relatively easy to groom and normally only require regular brushing.

2. Treatment

The entire body of hair is stripped out with a comb or a rake. A dry or no rinse shampoo is applied and a coat conditioner.

People are usually amazed at all the hair that comes out of a British short haired cat

3. After Treatment

Once the grooming procedure has been completed, you will have a beautifully groomed and much happier cat.