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"You have been coming to groom my three long - haired Persian Chinchillas cats for the last three years, who are very timid and shy. The cats adore and trust you, as I do - you handle them with kindness and care whilst grooming them. I don't know what I would do without you making them look so amazing and we all look forward to your monthly visits."

Fondest Love

Steve really is the cats whiskers when it comes to grooming. I used to have my cats done at the vet, until one day he had to come out as the cat was too viscious to get into the basket. Dennis - the cat got so aggressive, struggled and ended up biting the vet, necessitating him having to go to Hospital for a tetanus jab - costing me a lot of money. Because of his strength and clever use of the muzzle this is never a problem for Steve - I hope you enjoy his catalogue of work."

FREDDIE WILSON [ Director - Creative Concepts ]

Steve has been taking care of my cats' grooming needs for many years. He is a consumate professional and very easy going. Steve is reliable, punctual and does a fantastic job. I have great pleasure in recommending him.

Lois Froud

My pussy doesn't get out much these days. Steve has been tending to her for over ten years, and she knows him well - that's not to say she welcomes his visits but she is always a lot happier once he has had gotten his hands on her. She ends up fluffier and full of life and there is nothing better than a happy pussy to greet you at the end of the day!

I highly reccommend Steve whose excellant lap work and selective use of the muzzle has the desired effect.

Yours, Mrs Slocombe