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Lion Clip

Combined with my radical grooming service, my lion clip option is ideal when the severity of certain coat conditions necessitates it or because the customers personal preference. Having worked exclusively with cats for the last 20 years, I have more than enough experience and expertise to be able to accurately and effectively provide a lion clip service for your beloved pet.

If you are looking for a cat groomer with years of experience and a gentle touch, make sure to give me a call on 020 855 82535 for more information about my lion clipping service.

Why have a lion clip?

On the rare occasion that your cat’s hair is so matted or needing a complete overhaul, or at the client request to cut down on maintenance, or because they like the lion look, my Lion Clip service may just be the answer.

It’s important that your cat looks its best and lion clips are not only good for removing matted fur, but leaving your cat free from issues and irritants.

My lion clip grooming service features 3 stages:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • After Treatment

Although my lion clip service will leave your cat looking very different from normal, the hair will grow back quite quickly and my sympathetic approach will ensure that your cat looks good and feels so much better. A lion clip will leave your cat looking handsome and will free it from irritating, matted fur.

Using clippers, I will ‘shave’ off the long and matted hair and leave tufts on the feet, tip of the tail and just around the head. This is where the name ‘lion clip’ originates, as your cat’s features will replicate that of a lion.

I work across Greenwich, Kensington, Hackney, Romford, Leyton, Ilford, Islington, Stratford, Clapham and Lewisham, providing highly experienced lion clips. To find out more about my lion clipping service, or any of my cat grooming services, then please call me on 020 855 82535, or visit my contact page to send me a message.

1. Diagnosis

As in the case of the above cat, a radical lion clip is performed because the severity of the coat problem necessitated it. .

2. Treatment

As you can see all my work is lapwork with selective use of the cat muzzle to give me more control.

3. After Treatment

Here I have shaved off the long and matted hair to leave the tufts on the tip of the tail, around the head to create a ruff, and on the feet. This leaves your cat looking like a lion but it will not be long before his or her hair has grown back, leaving a clean, tidy and happy cat.

With Tail or Bobble?

Finished article – grooming powder may be applied to add volume to the coat.