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Client Recommendations

Dear Steve

Just wanted to write to say thank you so much from all of us for the absolutely wonderful job you did with Miu a couple of weeks ago. Apart from looking incredibly suave (and the years taken off!) he seems really happy and comfortable.
Will be in touch as soon as he needs maintenance. Lexy will email you video clips and photos when she’s got a moment.

I am just about to email the Portman vets and will copy you in.

Best wishes and have a great summer,

Jeremy and Lexy

Sophie, my semi long haired Turkish Van,

loves to be brushed but I felt that her thick coat was becoming increasingly difficult for me to take care of properly.

She hates to travel by car so I was very keen to find a mobile cat groomer…this is when I came across Steven.

He offered the service that I was after for Sophie, a very thorough groom, brush and light fur trim as opposed to an all over shave which was all pet parlours offered for cats. Several times a year Steven will come to my house and groom Sophie beautifully for about an hour. He is always polite and it’s amazing how he handles Sophie. She looks like a kitten (she’s actually 15) after he has finished and you can tell that she is much more comfortable with her perfectly groomed fur, both in summer and winter.

If you live in London I cannot recommend Steven highly enough to take care of your cats’ grooming requirements, whether it’s a maintenance groom like I have for Sophie, or something more dramatic.

Letter of recommendation to London Vet Clinic

Dear All,

I am writing to highly recommend Steve at who recently clipped our Maine Coon Miu.

Miu has visited the Portman annually for about 8 years to be groomed every Spring when his coat gets matted. Given that he neither liked getting in a cat box or being groomed his visits required general anaesthetic. Steve at Feline Features was recommended to us; he visited to clip Miu, and did an absolutely fantastic job.

Steve is obviously very experienced and skilled at handling and keeping cats calm, and the cut that he gave Miu provides a long term and very handsome solution to fluff and matted hair related problems.

Given the potential risks associated with anaesthetic and the trauma of trying to squeeze unwilling cats into cat boxes, I would like to suggest you refer clients with similar issues onto Steve/make them aware of this possible alternative.

Best wishes, Jeremy Brown