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Stratford’s Leading Cat Grooming Company

Based in East London, I provide an experienced and friendly cat grooming service for a wide range of customers in and around Stratford.

Cat grooming is extremely important when thinking about your pet’s safety and comfort. Regular grooming will stop your cat’s hair matting, unsightly patches and the discomfort of your cat when moving around. You cat will be pampered and cared for in the comfort of your home, ensuring that they are surrounded by familiar objects and people.

To find out more about my professional cat grooming service, then call today on 020 855 82535, or get in touch with me through my contact form to discuss your pet’s requirements.

Safe and reliable cat grooming for all breeds

My huge selection of cat grooming services includes:

The safety of your pet will always come first with my cat grooming service, all the while maintaining a highly professional and friendly atmosphere to keep you and your cat calm and happy. With the range of services on offer, I will be more than happy to discuss you and your cat’s requirements with you before coming to your home and during the process.

Being so local, I will happily come to you at your convenience to carry out your cat grooming, whether it is earlier in the morning, or in the afternoon. Whether you have a large or small cat, I am highly proficient in keeping your pet calm and contented during the cat grooming process, with decades of training and experience.

Professional cat grooming across Stratford

To learn more about my cat grooming service, and to book an initial appointment with me, call today on 020 855 82535 or visit my contact page to send me a message and arrange a time to chat.