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Professional Cat Grooming in Ilford

Ensuring your pet is kept pet calm and content with lap work and one to one cat grooming sessions in Ilford.

Using only the safety and best cat grooming techniques, I travel across areas such as Ilford carrying out my services for a large selection of customers. From big to small cats, all manner of breeds, I have experience tending to many kinds, ensuring I know how best to groom each.

I have been working with cats for over 30 years and thus have expertise with many different kinds of cat grooming; whichever works best for your pet, I will happily discuss this with you beforehand and draw up a plan of action to make sure your cat feels safe and will be treated with respect.

If you would like to learn more about cat grooming, or any of our pet bathing, clipping or dematting services, then please call today on 020 855 82535, 07946 527216, or get in touch with me through the contact form, or via email to discuss your cat’s needs.

Keeping your cat calm and happy with lap work

I offer a wide range of cat grooming services, including:

Whatever you need, I will be able to provide it for you; from different kinds of clipping, to bathing and dematting. Cat grooming is the most important however, and regular grooming must be carried out to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Professional cat grooming for pets in Ilford

My cat grooming services are wholly tailored to you and your pet, ensuring maximum trust and comfort for your cat.

To find out more about my cat grooming service then call us today on 020 855 82535, 07946 527216, or visit my contact page to send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Discuss your cat’s requirements with me and we will put together the best plan for washing, grooming and clipping.

To learn more about my cat grooming service, and to book an initial appointment with me, call today on 020 855 82535 or visit my contact page to send me a message and arrange a time to chat.