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Professional, Trusted and Reliable Mobile Pet Grooming Provided Across Greenwich and South London

Ensuring your pet is kept pet calm and content with lap work and one to one cat grooming sessions in Greenwich.

I appreciate and understand just how important it is to keep your cat clipped and clean, as well as how upsetting it can be when your pet’s uncomfortable or upset while being groomed. Which is exactly why I ensure that every single cat is groomed on my lap; in addition, I never use anaesthetic so their comfort and safety is my top priority. When it comes to pet grooming across Greenwich and South London, I always ensure the highest quality service for both the cat and the owner and always take the cat’s individual needs into consideration too.

Mobile pet grooming is a major part of my business and, as such, is something that I take very seriously. The most important thing is that your cat will be treated with the utmost care and respect during all cat grooming and if there are any specific needs or requirements you have for your cat, then please let me know.

If you want to know more about Feline Features and my pet grooming service provided across Greenwich and South London, call today on 020 855 82535, or get in touch through the contact form.

All types of pet grooming provided

Working across Greenwich and South London, I provide a comprehensive range of affordable and high quality pet grooming services, including:

So if you’re looking for a professional, trusted and affordable pet groomer who cares about the wellbeing of your cat just as much as you, then employ Feline Features’ specialist cat grooming service.

Being available for customers across Greenwich and South London, gives me an incredible reach for my trusted pet grooming service. This means that I will be able to travel to you easily and quickly and undertake any cat grooming services at your convenience.

Unlike some other pet grooming specialists, I employ a truly personal touch; offering one-to-one sessions that are undertaken in the cat’s familiar surroundings. I make your cat’s comfort my main focus, ensuring that I carry out a full and thorough cat grooming service while maintaining a good relationship with you and your cat.

I will always put the safety and comfort of your cat first, maintaining a high level of professional and respectful pet grooming throughout. Working across South London, including Greenwich, I specialise in certain areas of pet grooming that will clean up your cat and have them looking their best by the end of the session. From teddy bear clips and bathing to dematting and shaving, I always provide Greenwich’s very best pet grooming service for you and your cat.

Comprehensive pet grooming across Greenwich

Whatever the size or breed of your cat, my trusted, affordable and professional pet grooming service is always specifically tailored to suit the needs and requirements of you and your cat. I will sit down with you beforehand and discuss your requirements for your pet grooming before I start, ensuring that your cat is the safest and happiest they could possibly be.

Based in East London, I provide an extensive cat grooming service for cat owners across the whole of London. I have recently visited and groomed cats in Greenwich.

To learn more about my pet grooming service, and to speak to me about your cat’s requirements, then call us today on 020 855 82535, or 07946 527216 on mobile, or visit the contact page and send me a message.