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Cat bath service explained

In addition to my extensive maintenance grooming service, I also offer clients the chance to have their cat washed and bathed.

Why is a Bath Necessary?

It is assumed that cats keep themselves perfectly clean at all times but this is not actually the case. While they do clean themselves regularly, they do not keep themselves as clean as a bath with proper cat shampoo would.

My bathing service has 4 stages:

  • Diagnosis
  • Bathing
  • Drying
  • After Treatment

Although many cats do not like having baths or even going near water, my experience in the cat grooming profession has enabled me to bathe and wash them without trouble. Using a calm and methodic approach I slowly lift them into an empty bath and gradually shower them in shampoo before thoroughly rinsing them off. Some of the cats even enjoy the bath and actively get in when I arrive!

1. Diagnosis

bath diagnosis

There are no short cuts with long haired cats. Here is a blue/white colour cat before her six weekly groom/bath.

2. Bathing

cat bath treatment

Cats are bathed in high quality cat shampoo before being thoroughly rinsed off.

3. Drying

drying cat after a bath

After the grooming procedure has been completed, we have a beautifully groomed and much happier cat.

4. After Treatment

after bath grooming

Finished article – grooming powder may be applied to add volume to the coat.